What a great blessing you are to me!

The response to my Reader Survey has greatly exceeded my expectations.

Thank you very much for taking time from your busy day to share your generous encouragement and thoughtful comments.

Your input helps make my new site better for you by confirming what God has put on my heart and offering me some new insights to consider.

Because that’s what is for — you.

For sharing the truth that God loves you no matter what.

Showing how this great love heals wounded hearts.

And how healed hearts lead to happier, healthier marriages and relationships.

God is so very kind in allowing me to use my past and current experiences and all that it has taught me to pass insights on to you to make your life better.

And when you send me comments or emails that tell me what my words mean to you it is a sweet gift to my heart.


Today is the final day to take my Reader Survey before it closes.

If you haven’t already replied and would like to you have until tonight at 7PM to submit your answers and any comments.

So just click on this link now.

It’s anonymous and will only take about 5 minutes of your time. There’s just 9 multiple choice questions plus space to write in your suggestions/comments.

Again thank you. And for your prayers.

Blessings and hugs,